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Lowell, MA
$25 / hour
I am a Gulliver Preparatory graduate who finished 11 in class rank, in a class of roughly 240 students. I am an AP level student with over 60 hours of tutoring which were done on school campus with lower level math peers. I attend the University of Massachusetts at Lowell majoring in Plastics...
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Boston, MA
$40 / hour
I have always enjoyed teaching throughout my life. Whether it was leading a study group with my fellow students or teaching a class of undergraduates. My goal is to help teach you not just the subject material to pass a test, but to allow you to use what you learn about the subject and apply it...
In-person + Online
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Cambridge, MA
$75 / hour
I tutor the LSAT exclusively and effectively; Harvard educated and former PowerScore tutor, I have the highest actual LSAT score of the Boston-based Wyzant tutors. Most students have exceeded their own expectations: former students are now at Harvard Law and other T-14 schools, or have achieved...
In-person + Online
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Cambridge, MA
$44 / hour
I'm a graduate of Hamilton College where I majored in Physics. Here's an outline of my experience: